About Us

Clk2Sell is a social enterprise designed give all children access to low cost school uniforms by providing a free marketplace for school clothes, books and musical instruments.

It is standard practice for schools to enter into exclusive arrangements with uniform suppliers.  This has devastating effects on the affordability of school uniforms.  The arrangement usually involves some sort of payment to the school but it increases the margins charged on new uniforms significantly as there is no competition.  It also means that used uniform transactions are discouraged or at least not enabled by many schools.

Similar arrangements affect the supply of textbooks.

The Gonski review indicates that just 60% of students from low socioeconomic status finish school compared to 90% of those who are better off. Inappropriate or inadequate school clothing has strong links to bullying, absenteeism and to the likelihood of school completion. Clk2Sell delivers strong social impact by providing a marketplace for school goods.

The Victorian Education department estimates that Clk2Sell saves parents 50% to 70% in uniform costs.  Because of this it recommends Clk2Sell to all Victorian public schools, but any of the 10,000 Australian schools can use the app for free.

To see what’s currently available for sale on Clk2Sell, check out our Web based version.

Clk2sell proudly supports State School Relief – School Uniform Relief for Disadvantaged Students.

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